Friday, July 24, 2009

NY Updates - New York City/Brooklyn

Yesterday, I updated the New York City page with 11 links to Brooklyn directories from the Brooklyn Genealogy Information Page, 32 links to Long Island community directories from the Longwood Genealogy Group, and one link to a Brooklyn directory from Historic Map Works.

You will notice that the link to the directory from Historic Map Works is listed as "Free*". This, of course, means that it is free with some stipulations. In order to view directories (and maps) at Historic Map Works, you must register (for free). This will give you 10 free credits allowing you to view 10 directories on the site. After you have used your 10 credits, you may either purchase more in increments of $10.00 each (each credit is worth 10 cents), or by purchasing a monthly subscription of $29.95 or a yearly one of $249.95. More info on rates is available here, and a list of available directories is here.

Thanks to reader Joy Rich for these links. There are many more to be added to this page in the future!

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