Thursday, July 23, 2009

CO New Page - Larmier County

I have added Larimer County to the list of Colorado counties linked, for a total of 12 Colorado counties now online! Please remember that these county pages are not complete, and there will be many more links added to these pages from various websites, as well as many more counties added, as time permits.

The Larmier County page has 79 links to directories covering 1902 to 2002! These are all from the Fort Collins History Connection website. It took me about three days to get this page all set up and linked. Why so long? Every time I find a directory resource, I do try to go and visit every directory's link and find the publisher, verify the year, and see if the directory covers more than just the location listed in its title. Sometimes this takes quite a bit of time, because the title page will be quite a ways into the directory and I have to browse page by page until I find it. Sometimes, it just doesn't exist because the directory is old and the first few pages are missing, or the institution or individual who scanned or transcribed the directory didn't bother to scan or transcribe the publishing info.

Thanks to Joe Beine for telling me about the directories listed in the Fort Collins History Connection. Joe has a site full of wonderful links himself; please visit it here.

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