Monday, January 28, 2013

PRONI's (Ireland) Street Directories Database Revamped

A Derry genealogy expert says a revamped digital street directory database will be a valuable tool for the city’s amateur family historians.
Brian Mitchell, the genealogist with Derry City Council, says the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland’s (PRONI) Street Directories - which have undergone a major overhaul - will be a great resource for anyone researching their family history.
“With PRONI’s Street Directories database researchers now have a free online facility to search a large number of directories for many towns in Ulster for the period 1819 to 1900 including the New Directory of 1839 and New Commercial Directory of 1840 for Derry City,” he says.
Finish reading this article at the Derry Journal here. The Street Directories database on the PRONI site can be found here.

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