Sunday, May 26, 2019

Dane County, Wisconsin Online Historical Directories - Update

The Dane County, Wisconsin Online Historical Directories page has been updated with 30 new links, mostly from the Stoughton Public Library's digital collections.  Madison is the county seat.

Minor updates and corrections were also applied to the following pages:
Thanks to all who report broken links or new resources.  I am making a concerted effort to apply these to the website in a more expedited manner.

Please note the following issues; I appreciate your patience as we work around them:
  1. Some links to city directories at Ancestry - A couple of years ago, I started converting the links to Ancestry on my website over to affiliate links.  This means I would get a few cents every time someone clicked on those affiliate links.  I had not converted every Ancestry link, as it does take a long time to do.  Recently, Ancestry contracted with a different affiliate program.  I've applied to the new program and my application is pending.  Meanwhile, old affiliate links don't work.  This doesn't mean the city directories are no longer at Ancestry.  If you get an error on a link to a city directory at Ancestry, you will need to go directly to Ancestry and look for the city directory in their databases yourself until I am able to update the links.  They are this database: U.S. City Directories, 1822 - 1995Note: this only affects a small percentage of the Ancestry links on my website; most are still good because I never converted them over to an affiliate link.
  2. Links to city directories at the Distant Cousins site - This site is no longer online, so when you click on a city directory from the site, you'll get an odd error message.  MyHeritage bought this collection, and it is now available on their website.  MyHeritage is a subscription genealogy website, so you will need to purchase one to view those directories.  One workaround is to use the WayBack Machine at the Internet Archive.  These are "snapshots" of websites that the Internet Archive took of webpages around the internet.  When a website gets taken down, many times those "snapshots" are available in the WayBack Machine.  I have linked some of the Distant Cousin links to the WayBack Machine and have noted when I have done so.  It will take me some time to fix all these links; meanwhile you can either enter the addresses into the WayBack Machine or use a MyHeritage subscription. 

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