Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canada and Alaska New Pages and Updates

I'm so excited to tell you that I have listed every link to all the directories found at Peel's Prairie Provinces and The Recents websites, which cover Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, with a little bit of Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Ontario! Oh, yes, and one update for Alaska.

Thanks to readers Diane Rogers and Marina Crawford for the links to Peel's and The Recents.

New Pages:

Lethbridge, Alberta - with 31 links

Medicine Hat and Redcliff, Alberta
- with 28 links

Brandon, Manitoba - with 36 links

Winnipeg, Manitoba
- with 15 links

Northwest Territories
- with five links


Alaska - three new links from USGenWeb

Alberta - total of 13 links; plus links to five cities/regions

Calgary, Alberta - total of 55 links

Didsbury Region, Alberta - total of 15 links

Edmonton, Alberta
- total of 64 links

British Columbia - two new links; page is still under construction

Manitoba - total of 15 links; plus links to two cities

Ontario - one new link from Peel's Prairie Provinces

Saskatchewan - total of 19 links

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