Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Facebook Group: Historical City Directories

I've just created a new Facebook group, Historical City Directories, for those genealogists and historians who are interested in learning about and sharing resources for historical city (and other types of) directories.  It is a closed group, and I encourage you to join. You must have a Facebook account, of course, and you will be asked a question before being admitted to the group. This will help cut down on spammers.

The reason for the creation of the group is to give more interaction for those following my Online Historical Directories site than this blog allows.  It's a great way to learn about and share resources, both off line and online.  I haven't had time to post my Follow Friday articles on this blog, and this medium allows me to do so instantaneously, without a lot of wordsmithing or linkcrafting.

This blog will continue to be the place where I post updates for the site (and yes, I realize they are a long time coming!). I look forward to "meeting" you over there!

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