Monday, May 25, 2009

Resources, Articles, FAQs and Comments

Thank you to all who commented via Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and my e-mail. I appreciate all the comments, corrections, and new links shared. Please note that if you find an error, list specifically what it is and on what page it appears (i.e. "1884 Chicago City Directory at Ancestry, Cook County, Illinois) to help me correct it faster.

I completed and added the following pages today: Resources, Articles and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). They are all accessible from the Home page. The FAQs page especially is helpful in understanding how the site is set up, and I recommend you read it before going on to any other pages.

The Articles page lists helpful articles found online that explain how and why city and other directories are used in genealogy. The Resources page lists where I find the directories that I link to on my website, as well as a useful form that Dae of Shoestring Genealogy created to list information found while researching directories.

My next big focus will be the Detroit (Wayne County, Michigan) and Chicago (Cook County, Illinois) pages. As you probably noticed, they are incomplete and have unlinked titles on them. I also need to reformat the links to show the publisher's name, so that you can know if you are comparing the same directories from different websites.

Keep those links and comments coming in. I'll be adding them as time allows.

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