Sunday, May 31, 2009

FL Update and New MT and ID Pages

I forgot to mention yesterday that the Florida State page does have one link on it. Many of the state pages have links to statewide directories or directories that cover multiple counties or cities, so check them out. The links appear under the table of counties.

Yesterday morning, I added a Montana and Idaho State pages. Both have links on their state pages. Montana has new Carbon, Silverbow (Butte) and Yellowstone County pages and Idaho has a new Owyhee County page.

**Please note that I am going to be changing the way the pages open on the site. Instead of opening a new tab, pages linking to other pages on the site will open them in the same tab or window. However, links to other sites will still open in a new tab. It will take a while to change things over. I originally created the pages to open in new tabs because it was easier for me to cut and paste links from one page to another when I first created my site.**

Happy Hunting!

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