Sunday, November 13, 2011

CA, CO, IL, MI, NE, NY, TX, and WA New Pages and Updates

New Pages:

Franklin County, Illinois - with one link from Franklin County GenWeb

Winnebago County, Illinois - with one link from Cherry Valley Public Library District

Platte County, Nebraska - with three links from Platte County GenWeb


California - added California Voter Registers, 1866-1898 from Ancestry to all California pages and updated California Voter Registrations, 1900-1968, also from Ancestry, from 1908-1968 to 1900-1968.

Sacramento County, California - one new link from the Golden Nugget Library

Boulder County, Colorado - four new links from Ancestry

Denver County, Colorado - nine new links from Ancestry

Illinois - now with 28 out of 102 counties linked

Bay County, Michigan - 27 new links from Ancestry and one from Google Books

Nebraska - now with 5 out of 93 counties linked

Lancaster County, Nebraska - fixed broken link, updated name of publisher, and added index to 1925 Rural Directory

Erie County, New York - one new link from Erie County GenWeb

McClennan County, Texas - three new links from Baylor University Library

King County, Washington - five new links from Seattle Public Library


  1. Additional for Long Beach California. They can be found at the Long Beach Public Library site:

  2. Yes, I have been adding the Long Beach directories to the site. It takes time, because each is labeled a "Polk" directory, but not all were published by Polk. I have to view each one and see it's publisher before adding it correctly to the site. They are all .pdf files and do take some time to open each one (sometimes a couple of minutes).

  3. Oops! That should say "see ITS publisher" not "see it's publisher"!