Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AK, CA, DC, IL, and WLS New Pages and Updates

With the busyness of the holidays, I haven't done too much with the site, but here are a few new pages and updates for you:

New Pages:

Caernarvonshire, Wales - with 14 links from the Bangor Civic Society (originally listed on the Wales page)

Glamorgonshire, Wales - with one link from the Historical Directories site (not to be confused with my site, the Online Historical Directories website!)


Alaska - 13 new links, all from the Alaska-Yukon Territory Business Directory, Polk, 1923-4 at USGenWeb

Orange County, California - three new links from the 1936 County Directory at Ancestry

San Mateo County, California - one new update from the Online Archive of California

District of Columbia - one new update from Genealogy Trails

Cook County, Illinois - the 1928-9 Polk Street Directory from the Chicago Historical Society

Wales - now organized by historical county and links moved to the new Caernarvonshire page; also the page has a new URL, so if you've bookmarked or otherwise linked to it, please make the necessary changes


Finally, a bit of news: if you have an Ancestry subscription or use the Ancestry Library Edition, you'll discover that they've made it easier to browse their directories database (as well as use their many other databases) by state, then city or county, and finally by year using a drop down menu on the right. For more information, read this post from their blog.

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