Monday, June 1, 2009

E-mail Address, Screen Resolution, and Opening a Page

Because I've been getting so much spam, I've changed the way I display my e-mail address on the site. When you look at the bottom of any page, you will now see "Report errors and broken links or send suggestions for new listings here." When you click on the link, it will open your e-mail software and input kidmiffATgmailDOTcom in the address line. You will, of course, need to change the AT to @ and the DOT to .

I've also made a note about the screen resolution at the bottom of each page. I've had complaints that sometimes the tables on the pages appear to go off the screen on the right. This happens if you have a monitor with 800X600 screen resolution. You'll need to change it to 1024X768, if possible (sometimes if your monitor is older, you will still have "issues" or different issues, if you change the screen resolution). To change your resolution on a PC, go to Start, Control Panel, Display, then click the Settings tab. Move the slider over until it says 1024X768, then click either OK or Apply.

Every page link to another page on the site now opens in the same tab or window in which you are viewing. Links to other sites will still open in a new tab.

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