Monday, August 17, 2009

AL New Pages and Updates

I have been very disappointed with the dearth of online directories for the state of Alabama. Ancestry has some, but Footnote and WorldVitalRecords have none. There are few found at the many digital book websites, and even places like USGenWeb don't have many transcribed. If you know of any online directories for Alabama, please send me links immediately!

The following are all new pages and updates that I created for Alabama yesterday.

New Pages:

Dallas County, Alabama - with four links from Ancestry

Mobile County, Alabama - with 28 links from Ancestry and one from Duke University Libraries

Montgomery County, Alabama
- with 17 links from Ancestry

Morgan County, Alabama
- with four links from Ancestry


Alabama - now with eight counties linked

Calhoun County, Alabama - five new links from Ancestry

Jefferson County, Alabama - 12 new links from Ancestry

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