Sunday, June 14, 2009

Updates and New Pages for the Week of June 7 - 13, 2009


British Columbia - eight new links from Our Roots

St. Clair County, Illinois - one link from Ancestry

Essex County, Massachusetts
- three links, one each from InternetArchive, DistantCousin and Eve and Don

Articles - added five links to articles about researching city directories. The one by Kory Meyerlink is especially helpful and detailed, in my opinion.

New Pages:

United Kingdom

England* - with four links

Bristol County, Massachusetts - with three links

Hampden County, Massachusetts - with one link

Hampshire County, Massachusetts - with one link

Middlesex County, Massachusetts - with two links

Norfolk County, Massachusetts - with four links

Plymouth County, Massachusetts - with two links

Suffolk County, Massachusetts
- with twelve links (Boston is in Suffolk County)

Arizona - with one link

Maricopa County, Arizona - with four links

Pima County, Arizona - with two links

*I haven't decided yet if I will break up the four countries of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, North Ireland and Wales) into county pages. For the time being, I will leave it. If I find too many links to keep the pages neat, organized and unconfusing, I will further categorize them by county.

I've also begun adding county pages for all the United States. These county pages are not "live" and do not have links on them. However, it will make it easier for me when I come across resources; I'll be able to put the links on the already-created county pages and then make them live. Creating pages is one of the more time-consuming details of my webmaster tasks, and although this behind-the-scenes activity isn't readily obvious to my readers, it will eventually speed along the process of getting data on the website.

Thank you to all who continue to send me links. My list is ever-growing! Also thanks to you all who are being patient with me while I correct and update pages that I first created weeks ago in the old format.

Happy Hunting!

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